8 Ways to Make Keto Easier

Is Keto Getting Hard?

Get by with a little help from these keto tips!

 Keto Success

The ketogenic diet is easy! You just reduce your carb intake to 5% of your daily caloric intake and then you start to lose weight at an accelerated pace because your body starts burning fat at an accelerated pace because it's turning its own fat into ketone bodies to use as fuel throughout the day. Additionally, you experience elevated mood, mental clarity, and energy because ketones are a more consistent source of energy than glucose (that means no afternoon sugar crashes, lethargy, mood swings, or hunger inspired irritability).

The ketogenic diet is also hard! You have to reduce your carbohydrate consumption to 5% of your daily caloric intake! Everywhere you look people are loving carbs! Sweets, bread, pasta, pizza, and even the sweetener in your coffee. Carbs carbs carbs! And working out?! Euch, it can be too much if you’re doing it on top of a job, raising a family, or even if you’re just single trying to eek out a living.

Yet the ketogenic diet can also be easier! Boy, (or girl) you gotta carry that weight; carry that weight a long time! Oh yeah, all right, are you going to be in my keto dreams tonight (this is an extended Beatles riff)? And, in the end, the carbs you take are equal to 5% of your daily caloric intake. Here are eight ways to make keto easier!

Working Out Too Hard

  • Don’t work out so hard (or at all)!
  • You can do keto on a 9 to 5 just by limiting carbs and foods with sneaky added sugars from your diet. You don’t even need to hit the gym even though there are a lot of reasons why you should strength train and why you should do cardio on the keto diet. Whatever you choose, just don’t beat yourself up and be so hard on yourself that your experience turns into a nightmare. Remember, it’s a lifestyle change and not a diet. And as Lifehacker reports, you need to burn 7,000 calories to lose a pound, not 3,500. That’s because the human body is a dynamic rather than static system. If you never give yourself the space to make mistakes or fall short of expectations then you’re literally setting yourself up for failure. Taking it one day at a time is a kinder approach. And, at the end of the day, isn’t keto a way of doing yourself the kindness of a better life? YES, NO TIME TO THINK THIS ONE OVER!

    Don’t give up your favorite foods.

    You can give up processed foods and learn how to eat sweets on the keto diet, which means that you don’t have to go a lifetime without some your favorites. In fact, because chocolate is so high in fat it actually helps you stay in the state of ketosis. There are also enough keto friendly almond flour recipes to keep bagels, bread, biscuits, and even cake in your meal plans. Sure, you gotta actually make those food items, but that means that you get to eat those food items! Just knowing you can make them if you wanted to can make it easier to avoid eating them because you’re not actually restricting your diet; you’re just being too lazy too cook! And being too lazy to cook is easier than having to say no all the time to your favorite foods.

    Waking Up Refreshed

    Get plenty of sleep!

    Many people don’t actually understand why they need sleep. It’s the space where our body’s restorative processes take place. More importantly, by getting the right amount of sleep you’re not putting your body under the sort of stress that leads to poor decision making. You want as clear a head as possible, which is also why it’s a good idea to eat keto friendly foods that reduce anxiety.

    Take exogenous ketones.

    There's many reasons why you should take exogenous ketones. One, exogenous ketones make it easier to get through the keto flu, the constellation of discouraging symptoms that many people experience whenever they enter into ketosis (fatigue, stomach cramps, depression, etc). Two, exogenous ketones are also a great substitute for caffeine, providing you with improved mood, focus, and energy without the crash or headaches that often accompany coffee, tea, or energy drinks.

    Don't do keto alone!

    Sure, you can keep in mind all the celebrities who do keto, so that the image of Megan Fox and LeBron James encourages you on your weightloss journey. But you should also not diet alone. Whether it’s with people you know in person or online, a weight loss program done with others is more likely to succeed than not. As reported by the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, there are many benefits of recruiting participants with friends and increasing social support for weight loss and maintenance.

    Of those who participated in the study, only 76% of those who did it alone finished and only 24% from that group kept the weight off for four to ten months afterwards. But when it came to participants who dieted with others, 95% completed the program and 66% kept the weight off for four to ten months. No wonder these results were reported in a  study rather than burned in a furnace in a shameful fit of rage! Those results are statistically significant enough that they should get you scrolling through your phone contacts in search of weight loss buds.


    Eat fiber!

    Some people experience constipation or diarrhea when they’re doing the ketogenic diet because they don’t get enough fiber. That’s too bad considering that fiber just makes you feel fuller longer and, obviously, it’s not fun to experience constipation or diarrhea! Additionally, fiber is necessary for a healthy gut biome, which is associated with reduced risk for illness and improved mental health. And if there’s anything we’ve learned about improved mental health is that it keeps you from eating baked goods on a diet!

    Stop drinking diet soda!

      You might think you’re accessing a sugar free route to satiating your craving for sweets, but in actuality diet sodas only hinder your ability to appreciate true sweets. That’s because diet soda triggers the same taste buds that actual sweets do without any of the nutritional benefits that real sweets like fruit might possess. Then there’s the fact that almost every study done on diet soda that isn’t commissioned by a diet soda manufacturer shows a strong connection between sugar free drinks and illnesses ranging from heart disease to dementia. Lastly, diet soda keeps your sugar cravings alive, which just makes it harder to live a healthy lifestyle. So, don’t drink diet soda! There’s literally no good reason to do so.

      Don’t Skip Breakfast!

      One of the primary reasons for why you shouldn’t skip breakfast is that doing so is often a symptom of general poor eating decisions. However, if you're skipping breakfast because you know what you need to know about intermittent fasting, then go right ahead. The main thing is that you make your decisions consciously rather than unconsciously because it’s doing things for a reason that marks the difference between working toward a goal and just letting things happen. Don’t let yourself get so hungry that you make poor decisions! Instead, learn tips to eating smaller portions so that you’re not eating a lot and can maintain a caloric deficit without being so aware of your caloric deficit that it becomes hard to maintain.  Doing keto long term should become so effortless that you don’t think about keto while you keto.