Dating On Keto

Romance Doesn't Have To Take A Back Seat To Keto

A low carb meet cute is possible! 

Dating on Keto

The biggest obstacles to dating while keto are food, drink, and keto flu. Sorry, keto can’t help with your personality! Although, accelerated weight loss, and elevated mood, energy, and focus certainly can’t hurt. The key to success is to making smart eating choices. You’re date doesn’t even need to know about your dietary restrictions (but it’s probably best to tell them since a relationship, whether it be for one night or for more, is best built on a foundation of open communication and trust). So, here are all the traps dating may set for your diet and how to disarm them.


You might think that bars are a no-no if you’re in ketosis, but that’s not true! There’s a lot of alcohol you can drink on keto. And don’t worry about the olives in your martini: they’re a fruit you can eat on the keto diet (bet you didn’t even think of olives as fruits)!


Sure, there’s keto friendly fast food, but this is a date! You want to eat to impress. Luckily, there’s something to eat in almost every cuisine that’s keto friendly. And you can always just request to not get Ramen or Pho (or just skip the noodles)! Or, if you want and you’re date is willing, you can be the one to make the meal. Just make sure it's one of many keto friendly almond flour recipes.

No matter where you eat, don’t forget to make use of tips to eating smaller portions. For example, many restaurants simply serve you too much food! So, ask for a to-go box right away and put half of your meal int here before digging in. If you’re in a city with a homeless population, you can always pay it forward and give your meal away.

Then there’s the nuclear option: just skip keto for the evening and get back into it later. That means you get to eat carbs! THIS DATE BETTER BE WORTH IT!

Keto Flu On A Date

Keto Flu

Keto flu is the name given to a constellation of symptoms that some people experience when they start keto. These side effects of keto include but are not limited to lethargy, headache, irritability, brain fog, dizziness, and nausea. Any of these would be a real bummer for a date or even a reason to cancel. Since the keto flu typically lasts no more than three days, schedule your date outside of that time frame. Or, take exogenous ketones so that you skip the step of transitioning into running on ketone bodies and just provide your body with the fuel it needs.

Keto Constipation And Diarrhea

Nothing sours a date like feeling plugged up or having to run to the bathroom. Oh, what a nightmare! Always having to be near a toilette; never straying too far from a water closet. Another reason to cancel! Don't worry, though, here's what to do if you've got keto constipation or diarrhea: take fiber! Makes sense if your diet is low carb high fat! Start taking it the minute symptoms occur of either diarrhea or constipation. Add fiber to your meals in the form of greens like spinach, kale, salad green, broccoli, etc. One shortcut is to just make a bed of greens under whatever you’re eating. Also, if you have diarrhea, the cohort of not enough fiber is too much oil. So, cut down on the fat so that your body has time to adjust.



Keto Rash

Although rarer than than symptoms of gastric distress that some experience from the ketogenic diet, the keto rash is far more disastrous for a date. Believed to be caused by the ketones themselves since the rash is worse where sweat collects, your best bet may be to eat a moderately low carb diet where you consume 50 grams of carbs per day. Cutting out processed foods and foods with added sugar while maintaining your caloric deficit is enough to achieve your weight loss goals, especially if coupled with cardio, strength training, and even intermittent fasting. Or, you can just do keto without exercise that makes you sweat; it’ll still be enough to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Keto And Hair Loss

What if the keto diet is helping you lose weight but it's mostly the weight of your hair. Oh no! The connection between keto and hair loss is rooted in your diet. If your caloric deficit is too high your body's going to put the kibosh on low priority functions. Hair, while a top priority for you, is not a top priority for your body. It prefer liver function!

Then there's the stress of dietary changes to begin with. And, you guessed it, sometimes stress makes your hair fall out (or you pick at it nervously without even noticing). That should pass, after you're used to your diet.

If you're experiencing hair loss, though, make sure your diet is full of nutritious foods, take collagen peptides along with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and vitamin C, add a biotin supplement to your pill regimen, and, if it's getting real bad or your just very worried, start using a combination of Rogaine and Propecia. There's also lots of oils you can massage into your hair, including a mix of coconut oil, castor oil, and rosemary oil. It'll make you smell delicious while improving hair growth and strength. When combined with microdermal abraisian provided using needle abrasion, all of these remedies should hopefully add up to your hair making a come back.

Keto And Your Sex Drive

Good news! Keto gives you more energy, makes you feel better, can help reduce stress, and  weight loss can balance hormone levels, which improves fertility in women. Although, maybe don’t bring up fertility on date number one!

Keto And Self Confidence

Most importantly, the confidence you achieve from learning to be comfortable in your own skin will make you more confident in every facet of dating. Keto will help that by teaching you how to make smart eating decisions and helping you lose weight. Of course, there’s also the added benefit that looking a particular way will earn you more attention!