Keto and Your Sex Drive

Do It All For The Keto, Yeah! The Keto, Yeah! So You Can Take That Cookie And Throw It In The Trash!

Turns out, keto can improve your sex drive!

Keto And Yur Sex Drive

Sex! Now that I have your attention, this is an article about keto and sex. Like any changes to what you consume, the ketogenic diet has a variety of ways in which it will impact your libido. You and me may be nothin’ but mammals, but if we want to do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel we need to know how our diets will affect our hormones, energy levels, and mood. So, let’s talk about sex, baby, let’s talk about high fat, low carb diets and all the good things and bad things that they may bring.

Keto Gives You Energy

The keto diet gives you more energy.

When I start losing weight I don't just lose weight. I do keto! I keto to the east, and I keto to the west, and I do keto because it’s the diet that I like the best. I do keto!

Initially, the a low carbohydrate diet may lower your sex drive. That would happen if you experience the keto flu, a constellation of symptoms that includes fatigue, nausea, headache, anxiety, insomnia, etc. If you’re feeling those things you may not want to have sex. Those are unpleasant things to feel! Luckily, the keto flu usually doesn’t last more than three days. At that point, your body produces ketones for fuel.

Now when I start doing keto, I don't stop until I know I'm in ketosis. And I can always tell when I'm in ketosis because I get energized! It's like someone's cheering my name! "Ben Kharakh Ben Kharakh Ben Kharakh ooh shit! Ben Kharakh." I do keto!

After the keto flu passes, you’ll experience improved mood, energy levels, and focus, which can do wonders for your sex drive. One reason why you should take exogenous ketones is that you can experience the positive side effects of being in ketosis right away. Exogenous ketones can also smooth your transition into ketosis by mitigating the symptoms of keto flu. How? Because keto flu is the result of your body switching from glucose as its primary fuel source to ketone bodies, so if you give your body ketones right away you’ll be able to wean yourself off carbs with less struggle.

I do keto! Ha ha ha ha!

Weight loss can balance hormone levels.

The keto diet leads to hormonal balance, and they're like, "It does it better than low fat." Damn right, it's better than low fat. I can teach you, and it's free of charge!

If your estrogen and testosterone levels are out of whack then your sex life is going to take a hit. If you know anything about low carb diets and pregnancy, then you already know that Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that decreases fertility. PCOS is caused by having too much testosterone. Studies show that a low carb, ketogenic diet mitigates the symptoms of PCOS by prompting weight loss and by bringing testosterone down to healthy levels.

Fat cells release estrogen. So another way that having too much fat may create disruptive hormone levels is by raising estrogen levels so much that ovulation and menstruation become irregular or even non-existent. In men, too much estrogen is also problematic.

The journal Spermatogenesis published a study on the impact of obesity on male fertility, sperm function and molecular composition. The research concluded that, “There is emerging evidence that male obesity negatively impacts fertility through changes to hormone levels, as well as direct changes to sperm function and sperm molecular composition.” Diet and exercise were suggested to reverse the effects of obesity. Additionally, the International Journal of Obesity published a study on the effects of a low-energy diet on sexual function and lower urinary tract symptoms in obese men. Their conclusion? "Diet-induced weight loss significantly and rapidly improves sexual function."

More broadly speaking, some small studies have shown that a high fat diet is good for estrogen and testosterone levels. That’s good news for your sex drive! Unfortunately, the studies only suggest raising fat intake can balance out sex hormones. Rather than signaling that a high-fat diet is a sex-drive panacea, these studies show that more research is necessary.

Dating on Keto

Keto makes you feel better.

Keto, you make me perfect, help me become somebody else! Well, not quite perfect, but if we start to feel better about our self image we’re more likely to want have sex and to enjoy the sex we have.

I don't want anything else when I think about keto I eat high fat! (Healthy fat, that is!) Simply feeling emotionally better will heighten your sexual desire because feeling down makes many of us crave sex less. Keto improves our mood because ketones are a more consistent source of energy than glucose. A drastic dip in blood sugar levels makes us crash, making us feel bummed out. This is when, again, exogenous ketones can come in handy. Just one serving may lift your spirits right away, although a longer term solution (I.E. a lifestyle change) is a preferable route.

The keto lifestyle can help reduce stress.

Eating a low carb diet like you wanted me too, low carb all the time like celebrities who do keto do. Check out my tips for eating smaller portions, they’re fine, like keto on the 9 to 5. What else is in the teaches of keto? Huh? What? Keto the stress away (repeat eight times)!

Long term, stress hormones makes everything worse, including a floundering libido. Adopting a lifestyle informed by the principals of keto can reduce the amount of stress in your life. If you know why you should do cardio on the keto diet then you know that cardio helps reduce stress. You can also eat keto friendly foods that can help reduce anxiety. And, above all else, get plenty of sleep! But, remember, keto is about changing the composition of your diet while maintaining a healthy caloric deficit. Too few calories will put you in starvation mode, which can make hair fall out, lower your sex drive, slow your metabolism, and even make you put on weight! That’s not in the teaches of keto at all. Huh? What? Keto the stress away (repeat INDEFINITELY!)