Keto Friendly Fast Food

In a Rush or on the Go? Try These Keto Friendly Fast Food Ideas!

Chipotle, Wendy’s, and KFC are just some of the places you can get keto friendly fast food.

Fast Food on Keto Diet

In 2017, I binge ate so many Whoppers that I ended up gaining much of the weight back that I’d lost from my combination keto diet and workout regimen. That’s right: the abs I loved so dearly disappeared beneath inches of fat. And while I’m well on my way to getting my abs back and will shoehorn plenty more recent pictures into these articles, I didn’t have to end up in this situation in the first place. That’s because, as surprising as it may be, there is such a thing as keto friendly fast food.

Taco Bell

“Yo quiero Taco Bell, pero estoy en la dieta keto.” Sorry, little guy, but the options at Taco Bell for someone who wants keto friendly fast food options are slim pickins. There's the Mini Skillet Bowl, a breakfast item that comes with eggs, steak, cheese, sour cream, guac, chipotle sauce, and potatoes (which you need to request be left off your order.) And there's the Power Menu Bowl, which has lettuce, shredded chicken, cheese, bacon, sour cream, guc, bacon, and avocado ranch sauce. (Side bar for everyone born after 2004: Taco Bell used to have a chihuahua as a mascot. I know! Not cool, but we were a different country back then. Actually, no; same country. Whoops!)


Chipotle is the keto friendly way to go if you want Mexican inspired cuisine. A bowl with lettuce, protein, veggies, sour cream, cheese, guac, and salsa is the way to go. And remember this life hack: always get your guac on the side because that way they’re going to put it in a little container and you’re going to get more guac that way. It’s win/win! You get keto friendly fast food, and Chipotle gets your money! Although, keep an eye on that guac since you want to maintain a caloric deficit.

Keto Wings


Two words: bucket of grilled chicken. There’s no better way to get those sweet, sweet keto bodies produced by your sweet, sweet liver. Actually, if your liver is sweet, you may have an illness, see a doctor. And order some green beans too to get some macronutrients.

Boston Market

The keto gods have blessed us with Boston Market. Turkey breast and rotisserie chicken, salad, veggies, spinach artichoke dip, and gravy! As is always the case, you’re going to want to keep an eye on the amount of net carbs you’re consuming (that’s the total number of carbs minus the amount of fiber in your meal). Luckily, all nutrition information is available on posters that are displayed in the fast food establishment and are also accessible online.

Burgers on Keto Diet


McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, White Castle, and Carl’s Jr are just some of America’s most famous burger joints. All you gotta do is order your sandwich without bread and you’re good to go. Wendy’s is your best bet because their burgers are 100% beef and contain no fillers. Remember, however, that 1 tablespoon of ketchup has 4.4 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Mustard, meanwhile, has .3 grams of carbs per serving. Although, in a way, isn’t cheese a sauce? THINK ABOUT IT!

Also, I don’t mean to throw shade, but it’s not necessary to order a burger that has three patties. That’s too many patties! Even as a lettuce wrap it’s too many. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Just eat one patty. Two tops. Three? Then this isn’t even a diet anymore. It’s just a game. And keto is not a game! It’s life (style). 


Hot dog franks, oven baked buffalo wings, burgers without the buns, and tuna and chicken salad. 7-11 is surprisingly keto friendly! And with over 7,000 location nationwide, 7-11 can really bail you out of a jam. Just watch out for beef jerky, which seems keto friendly at first but may be deceptively high in carbs depending on the brand or seasoning.

Long John Silver's Keto Friendly

Long John Silver’s

I know what a lot of you are thining: fast food fish? Why are you thinking that?! Fish is great! And Long John Silver’s has both baked cod and shrimp. And, of course, green beans. Green beans are to fast food places what candy corn is too Halloween. It’s like they grew a batch of it once and everyone from KFC to Boston Market has been trying to move it ever since.

Sandwich Places

If you’re at Subway, Jersey Mike’s, Jimmy John’s, or any other sandwich place you likely have the option of getting your sandwich as a salad. Cold cut combo salad, roast beef salad, tuna salad salad, etc. Just avoid obvious carb traps like croutons, breaded chicken, or dried fruit. Instead, get low carb veggies like bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, black olives, or celery.

Keto Poke Bowl


Poke is diced raw fish often served on top of rice, lettuce, or zucchini noodles. There’s no franchise for it yet, but the minute there is it’ll be perfect for both keto and investing (you bet your lean from keto butt that I’m buying stock in poke!). Most poke places operate just like Chipotle, meaning that you pick your base, protein, and toppings. It’s delicious and high in macronutrients!

Panera Bread

Shhh...these items are secret (menu items). The Power Breakfast Egg Bowl with Steak, which has 2 eggs, steak, tomatoes, and avocado; and the Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl with Turkey, which also contains spinach, bell peppers, and basil. These are solid breakfast combinations that you’d be #blessed to have at home. If you’ve got a partner making you a meal like this you hold on tight and never let go.

Keto Friendly Starbucks Drinks


God bless sugar-free syrup. You can put it in any coffee and make that coffee a flavor vacation. Just make sure that when you make your order, you're not getting secretly sweetened coffee or tea. You can get half and half, which is low in carbs and calories, but don't be tempted by heavy whipped cream since one serving has fifty calories and that'll really eat into your caloric deficit. If you must get milk, make it almond (low cal and low carb). Lastly, if you don't like artificial sweeteners, you can use cinnamon or nutmeg!