Keto Treats Acne

Too much blood sugar kick starts a chain reaction that can turn you into a pizza face. That’s one reason why keto treats acne!
Keto Treats Acne

Pimple popping videos are hugely popular on the Internet. Turning into a pizza face, however, is enough to plague anyone with insecurity. Acne can get so bad that many even blame it for compromising their sex lives. In the online world of involuntarily celibate men, known as Incels, poor skin is often framed as the culprit for depriving men of the women they’re owed. Of course, women don’t owe men a thing, and misogyny is far uglier than acne-- PATRIARCHY IS THE ACNE OF THE AMERICAN SOUL! Luckily, keto treats acne! Unfortunately, ketogenic diets can’t help Incels with their sexist beliefs; only introspection can do that (which is also good for helping you figure out why you binge eat carbs!).

The Causes of Acne

What causes acne?

Here's how acne is formed: your skin has oil glands called sebaceous glands. They put out an oily substance called sebum. Sebum is made out of fatty acids, cholesterol, and a compound called squalene. You need sebum to keep your skin and hair both moist and protected.

You have sebaceous glands everywhere you have skin, other than on your hands and feet. That's good news because that would make walking around barefoot and holding things really gross. We'd be like snails, covering everything in sebum! Yuck city!The places where you have the most sebaceous glands are your forehead and chin. Luckily we don’t rub those parts of us all over our stuff!

Sebum comes out of your pores. Your pores connect to your sebaceous glands via small canals called follicles. Sometimes, however, skin, hair, and sebum clump together. If bacteria finds its way into these clumps, the clumps can swell into pimples. In this way, Incels are a lot like acne because they’re what you get when lonely men collect in abundance on the Internet. In the case of Incels, the bacteria is sexism, which oozes out of every facet of American society because the USA is a patriarchy. Yuck City? More like Schmuck City, amiright?!?!

Genetics can predispose people toward an increase in acne. As do hormones. Androgen is a steroid hormone that plays a role in underarm hair and muscle mass. Everyone has androgens, and too many of them can make your body to produce excess sebum. This is why people develop skin issues during puberty; androgen production goes up! Coincidentally, puberty is also a time when sexism swells in numbers because young boys are taught by the patriarchy that their worth is in part dependent on female companionship, while young girls are over-sexualized and taught that their value is contingent upon their utility to men. It’s a very confusing time in a young person’s life! Plus, you have to worry about turning into a pizza face with a chin and forehead as oily as a snail’s trail.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) causes acne in adult women. If you know anything about low carb diets and pregnancy, then you know that keto helps treat PCOS. That’s because PCOS is caused by an elevation of male hormones in the female blood stream, and the keto diet leads to a reduction in male hormones.

It's also said that stress can cause acne. When you're stressed, nerves in your skin may cause inflammation. This is yet another reason that people get acne during puberty. It’s stressful! The patriarchy is also stressful, but more so for women than men! Although, given that the patriarchy teaches men not to engage in behaviour that is deemed womanly, like expressing and processing their feelings, the patriarchy hurts males as well. In this way, the unprocessed feelings of Incels are like the hair, skin, and sebum that clump together with the bacteria that is sexism to create an ideology as attractive as pimples. Keto can’t treat the patriarchy, but keto treats acne!

Diet effects acne

Diet affects the production of acne.

Processed foods and foods that are high in refined sugars make your blood sugar go up. When that happens, your body produces more insulin since insulin is the hormone that decides whether or not your cells are going to be absorbing blood sugar. Insulin also causes levels of androgens and IGF-1 to go up, which can make sebum production increase. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition put out a study that showed that a low carb diet can reduce acne.

Keto treats acne since it’s the opposite of a high carb diet. Additionally, ketones are anti-inflammatory, which also contributes to a reduction in acne. And since ketones elevate your energy levels, mood, and focus, that also means less stress! All of this, of course, has no bearing on the anti-woman culture that produces misogynistic communities like those populated by Incels, but at least now you know how to treat your acne!

How To Prevent Acne

There are many ways to improve skin health

Other than changing your diet, there’s a lot you can do to keep your acne under control. A consistent skin care routine that includes washing your face in the morning and evening will reduce the likelihood of skin conditions. If you do have red bumps, don’t pick at them! Avoid too much sun and make sure to wear sunscreen. Keep oily hair off your face, and shampoo your hair regularly too. Bathe after sweating. Learn techniques for mitigating stress. Clean your linens regularly. And use satin or silk pillowcases to avoid facial abrasion caused by harsh materials.

Meanwhile, the best way to prevent Incels is by teaching men how to healthfully and constructively express their feelings, and removing the stigma associated with untraditional male expressions of gender and sexuality. It’s also important to remember that humanizing misogynists often entails compromising the humanity of the women they exploit and harm. Instead, it’s most effective to deconstruct the patriarchy first and allow men to reap the benefits after the fact. That would also include people throwing around the term “pizza face” far less often since American beauty ideals are wrapped up in patriarchy--THE REAL YUCK CITY!