How To Eat Sweets On The Keto Diet

Hold up, wait a minute, put a little chocolate in it!

Chocolate Keto Diet

That’s right: the keto diet actually rewards eating chocolate.

Many people liken quitting sugar to quitting cocaine, usually because it makes for a great clickbait headline. But you don’t have to worry about kicking the yayo when doing keto because there are plenty of ways to have sweets during the diet. And, no, I’m not only talking about eating berries. You can have sweet, delicious chocolate and remain in ketosis; you can even incorporate straight up cookies into your regimen. It all depends on what works for you! Come, let’s hop and skip into the wonderful Willy Wonka like world of sweets you can eat while in ketosis.


Think of these as Chekhov's berries: if they got mentioned in the opening they’re going to get eaten at some point during the article. Berries like raspberries and blackberries are higher in fiber than they are in sugar because they’re made out of drupelets, which is the technical term for all those little balls of fruit that, in aggregate, make up ever berry. That means the net carbs, which is the number of carbs you consume minus the number of those carbs that are fiber, is less than your allotted five percent of carbs per day. Similarly, a cup of strawberries is very sweet and only 8 net carbs. You can also have a kiwi!

The Miracle Fruit

If you rolled your eyes when I suggested berries (and then rolled them again when I suggested kiwi), get ready to have your brain rocked like the global financial markets got rocked by the 2008 housing crisis. The Miracle Fruit is a pill you dissolve on your tongue that makes everything sweeter by numbing all of your taste buds except for those that detect sweetness. And it’s all natural!

 People have known about the miracle fruit for thousands of years. And in the 1970s, someone in the US tried to introduce the miracle fruit as an alternative sweetener, but the deal got sunk when the FDA labeled it a food additive. Some say that the sugar industry put the kibosh on the deal, but that might not have even been necessary because the plant that produces the miracle fruit is called the synsepalum dulcificum. Doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue!

 Luckily, you can buy the miracle fruit today and go, as the MBerry brand calls it, “Flavor tripping.” And suddenly eating a whole lemon becomes a solid substitute for your go to sweet.

Sugar Free Candy

Of course, you can only eat so many mind expanding sweet lemons until you grow tired of them. That’s when sugar free candy, particularly sugar free chocolates, come into play. Thanks to Russell Stover you can have sugar free peanut butter cups, toffee squares, coconut clusters, and much more. The list is long because I’ve eaten so many of them! And then there’s Lily’s Chocolates. Mmmm Lily’s Chocolates… these candies aren’t only delicious they can actually help keep you in ketosis because they’re high in fat!

 Berries in Ketogenic Diet


Cyclical Ketosis

The argument for carb cycling is that you satisfy both your mind and body's craving for carbs. So, you go five or six days in ketosis, and then you carb load. My own body took to ketosis quite easily (#HumbleBrag), so I didn’t eat need carbs because my immune system was suffering or because I was always thinking about sweets (the occasional bar of Lily’s Chocolate certainly helped though). But if you can’t go on without a slice of cheesecake, stop making yourself miserable and just go out of ketosis for the day. And if you’re experiencing the keto flu, the term ascribed to the constellation of adverse symptoms of being in ketosis that some people experience at the onset of the diet, then you should practice cyclical ketosis. The diet is meant to help you, so you should be tweaking it as necessary to make it fit your needs.

Targeted Ketosis

Targeted ketosis is an advanced keto technique where you add 10 to 20 grams of carbs before and after your workout so that your work out can be more demanding than if you were just doing straight ketosis. Like cyclical ketosis, this is a technique that I personally never made use of, but it does work in so far as you can eat sweets around your work out and stay in ketosis. And, at the end of the day, what’s this diet really all about if not figuring out a way to eat sweets. Oh, wait, is that not what this diet is all about? Then maybe you should figure out how come you want to eat sweets so bad! Perhaps you’re using the good feelings you get from eating sweets to balance out bad feelings you’re having for other reasons. Being in ketosis, working out regularly, and good sleeping patterns all make up a healthy diet, so you should be feeling better than usual; not worse! Some introspection may be necessary to address underlying emotional causes for your sugar cravings. Or just have a Power Crunch bar!

What is Ketosis

Power Crunch Bars

This is not the first time I’ve gone on the record saying that Power Crunch Bars are delicious. That’s because these things are as good as cake. A lot of fitness products are flavored as sweets; this is a sweet that happens to be a fitness product. It comes in flavors like french vanilla creme, salted caramel, chocolate mint, and many more. Each bar has hardly any carbs and plenty of fat and protein, making it ideal for the keto diet. Power Crunch isn’t even paying me to say this! Although they certainly could. I wouldn’t say no. SLIDE INTO MY DMs POWER CRUNCH!

Use Your Imagination

Lastly, there’s your imagination. I don’t mean fantasize about eating a sweet while making chewing noises. I mean go do some research as to what other sweets you can eat given that 5% of your daily caloric intake can be carbs. Be creative, don’t forget that you’re eating net carbs, and, hey, remember that you can always eat more fat and protein to balance it out (but not too much; you still need to count calories!). Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pop a miracle fruit, crank up the Pink Floyd, and have a groovy flavor tripping experience.