Tips To Eating Smaller Portions

You've Got To Maintain A Caloric Deficit To Lose Weight. But How?!

Follow these simple tips and you won't even notice that you're eating less. 

Smaller Portion Size

The ketogenic diet makes it easier to lose weight because it burns fat at an accelerated rate. Keto makes it so much easier that so long as you change your diet you’ll eventually lose the pounds you want to lose. You just need to maintain a caloric deficit. That can be hard if you eat too much or too often. So, what you need to do is figure out how to eat less. That doesn’t mean counting calories. If counting calories were all it took to make you eat less dieting would be a whole lot easier. What you need to figure out is how to eat less. Luckily, other people have already gone through the trial and error process so you don’t have to.

Use smaller plates and have smaller portions.

A smaller plate can hold less food, forcing you to eat smaller portions. Yes, you can get refills, but your refills will also be smaller. The issue here is that some foods can still pack a caloric wallop regardless of the plate they’re served on. That’s why it can be useful to just serve yourself less food per portion. You wouldn’t notice if your meal were 20% smaller!

If you must buy snacks, hide them.

Can’t eat snacks if they’re not in the house! But if snacks are in the house then make getting to them hard. The more steps between you and the snacks the more likely you are to realize you shouldn’t eat those snacks! In Tupperware and up in a cabinet so high you need a stool to reach them is the perfect place for snacks. And if you do snack make sure you don’t eat out of the package. That way you can really see just how big your portion size is, prompting to you to rethink your snacking decision.

Refusing Alcahol

Cut down on drinking and marijuana.

If life for you is just weed and brews than you might be making a lot of poor eating decisions. That’s because these substances lower your inhibitions, making it more likely that you’re going to end up snacking. And a snack you have while high might just turn out to be a full stack of pancakes with eggs, bacon, and sausage. Whoops!

Be mindful of diet foods.

If you wanted to learn how to eat sweets on the keto diet you’d find that there are a lot of tasty diet foods out there. The problem with diet foods, though, is that a lot of people end up overeating because they think that diet foods are lower in calories than they really are. Meanwhile, real healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, don’t try to convince you they’re healthy. There’s no diet watermelon or diet broccoli out there!

 Full Stomach

Don’t eat till you feel full.

As reported by the San Francisco Gate, feeling full isn’t the result of filling your stomach with food. Feeling full is the result of your stomach sending signals to your brain after eating or drinking. It takes about 20 minutes for those signals to reach your brain. So you don’t actually need to eat a big meal to feel full. In fact, the San Francisco Gate suggests drinking a glass of water 10 minutes before your meal and during your meal too just so that your brain gets those signals faster. And if you’re going to get seconds, wait five minutes before serving yourself.


Don’t eat everything when you go out.

I was watching TV once (I do it sometimes!) and the host of a diet cooking show was explaining what she does when she goes out for pizza with friends: she orders a salad, puts two slices on her plate, eats her salad, and then, once she’s full of salad, puts the two slices in a to go box. She managed to not eat any pizza while going out for pizza!

It’s a trick you can apply for other meals too because portion sizes can get quiet big when you’re dining out. So, just ask that a to go box be brought out with your meal and put half your food in there right away. Now you’ve got breakfast, lunch, or dinner for tomorrow! And if that makes you uncomfortable, you can always split your entree with whomever you’re eating.

Eating Together

Eat with others.

This is the opposite of mindlessly eating while watching TV or playing video games. When you eat with other people and are an active participant in the conversation you end up taking longer to eat your meal and, as a result, get full without eating a lot. You also get the added benefit of catching up with friends, family, or your partner, which, unfortunately, is a rarity for too many people. Just don’t tell them you’re eating together to lose weight! That’s a shortcut to bringing the conversation to a halt.

Don’t skip meals.

Remember to eat! That’s easier said than done because you might not even realize you’re forgetting to eat.. Caffeine, for example, masks symptoms of hunger, leaving you feeling extra hungry and prone to poor eating decisions when the caffeine wears off. You can find yourself in the same situation if you occupy a flow state for hours at a time (“flow” being the state we’re in while being creative, playing sports, doing chores, or anything else in which we lose our sense of self, time, hunger, etc.) So, remember to eat because otherwise you might forget to eat well!

Brushing Teeth

Clean your mouth after eating.

Brush, floss, use a tongue scraper, and/or gargle with mouthwash.  Compromising your fresh mouth is just one more obstacle between you and eating more, as is the effort required to clean your food hole. How much effort? Just enough that you’ll forget about eating when you’re done.

Stay out of the kitchen two hours before bed.

This may be challenging if you have to walk through your kitchen to get to your bed, but a good rule of thumb is that you don’t need to eat right before bed. Sure, you might be tempted, especially if the way you decompress after work is with weed and brews, but you can at least avoid eating an entire meal with this simple rule. It’s a great way to maintain a caloric deficit, and you’ll get used to it soon enough.

 Eating With Your Non-Dominant Hand

Eat with your non-dominant hand.

Now we’re getting to the bottom of the barrel of tricks to eat less. Researchers have found that if you eat with your non-dominant hand that the discomfort of doing so will inspire you to eat less. Similarly, if you eat with bigger utensils you trick yourself into eating less because you think you’re making more progress than you really are. Alternatively, you can sit on your hand until it goes numb; that way it feels like someone else is feeding you! Teen boys call that “the stranger”.