What To Do After You've Lost Weight

You Expected Keto To Help You Drop the Pounds But What You May Not Have Seen Is What Happens Next

A new wardrobe, new challenges, and surprising reactions from others are just some of what to expect once you've lost weight.

Weight Loss Congratulations! You know how to lose 50 lbs with the keto diet because you lost 50 lbs with the keto diet. Now you can go back to eating red velvet cake in the parking lot of your local supermarket. Noooooooooo! That’s just going to send you on the path that lead to weight gain in the first place.  See, after reaching your goal weight you need to continue using the good habits you developed in the process of losing weight. That way you practice weight control over the long term. What you do can range from taking on new physical activity to exploring new keto friendly recipes. Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t give up. That’s because losing weight is isn’t the end of your weight loss journey!

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

You’re at the office and there’s birthday cake. You have a slice. EVERYTHING IS RUINED! No, don’t worry! You’re fine. You committed to a lifestyle change and not a diet, which means that you can have indulgences and not worry. So long as you don’t abandon the healthy lifestyle that got you to where you are you’ll be okay.

Stop dieting.

At some point keto stops being your diet and starts being your lifestyle. You get hibachi and say, “Wow, it’s been over a year since I’ve had noodles!” and you allow yourself to enjoy the noodles, but you don’t start eating noodles regularly again. In general, studies show that rigid diets are hard to maintain and the sting of making mistakes can be really discouraging. That’s why it’s useful to stop using keto to lose weight and just apply the principles of keto to maintain your weight.

Eating Mindfully

Expect different responses!

Not everyone’s going to congratulate you for losing weight. Some people may mock or criticize you out of jealousy. Others may not even notice it they’re meeting you for the first time or if they saw you before your weight gain. Some may be inspired, pick up your habits, or even seek out your advice. You might even have someone ask, “Is everything okay?” because weight loss is sometimes a symptom of illness. Then there’s all the new attention that you might be getting from people! Me-ow! The cat noise means you’ll be more sexually attractive! And, guess what, you’ll enjoy sex more too because you’ll feel better about yourself. People’s reactions are going to run the gamut, and you’re going to need to be prepared for that!

Decide who you want to be.

When you lose weight you have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Clothes can be a reflection of who you are, so now you get to ask yourself who you want to be. This may be a hard question to answer because it’s so rarely asked. So, take your time, don’t buy everything at once, and, most of all, don’t fall into any old, negative narratives that you have about yourself.

Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself.

Accomplishing new tasks makes you feel good. And, hey, you’ve got an accomplishment so big under your belt that it can serve as proof that there’s a whole lot more you can do. So, push yourself at the gym (maybe pick up strength training!), experiment in the kitchen, maintain good habits, and develop new skills. That way you’ll find yourself in a virtuous cycle wherein you choose to follow your bliss and encounter happy accidents along the way. Maybe you’ll discover a love of dance, the wilderness, or cooking, which, in turn, can expand your social circle and further boost your morale. And, along the way, you’ll have also made yourself more resilient because there’s no victory without failure. It takes a whole lot of losses to get to wins as big as the ones you’ve made if you’ve lost weight on the ketogenic diet.

You’ll still retain water weight and may have loose skin.

It’s a good idea to weigh yourself on a regular basis as part of your weight maintenance practice. But don’t worry if you gain a couple pounds overnight because of how you ate! You’re not immune to fluctuations, and you’re still in your healthy weight zone. Don’t worry about having pinchable inches either. That’s not weight you’ll never lose; it’s just skin! If you eat enough protein and lose weight slowly, even a loss over 50 lbs won’t have to lead to loose skin. Although, some people do opt to have surgery to eliminate loose skin. Everyone’s different, and that’s okay. Don’t be jelly of loose skin!