Why You Should Take Exogenous Ketones

Reaping the Rewards of Exogenous Ketones

Having a hard time with ketosis? Have no fear: Exogenous Ketones are here!

The keto diet entails reducing your daily consumption of carbohydrates down to 5% of your caloric intake. That’s a really small amount of carbs! But what you get is a really big return: ketone bodies. Usually your body turns carbs into glucose to use as a fuel source, but glucose is not ideal due to its inconsistencies, which we feel in the form of crashing energy levels, brain fog, irritability, foul moods, etc. Ketone bodies are the opposite because they’re stable. That’s why they provide consistent energy, mental clarity, elevated mood, and focus. They also help you burn fat more effectively. How? Because when your body stops getting a steady stream of carbs to turn into glucose, it starts turning its own fat into ketones for fuel.

This all sounds great, but getting into ketosis, the state in which your body runs off ketones, is challenging for many people. As a result, too many end up missing out on all the perks of ketosis (and the health benefits of cutting out sneaky foods with added sugar). But it doesn't have to be that way thanks to exogenous ketones, which are ketones produced outside of the body. They not only make it easier to get into and stay in ketosis, they also let you enjoy the perks of being in the state of ketosis without necessarily being on the ketogenic diet.

How do exogenous ketones work?

When your body starts turning stored fat into ketone bodies there are three types of ketones that get produced: acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), and acetone. BHB is what gets ferried around your body by your bloodstream and absorbed by your cells. For this reason, BHB is the foundation of most exogenous ketone supplements.

You can get BHB in an unadulterated form called ketone esters. Ketone esters, while fast acting and quite potent, are rated as disgusting by most, and cause gastric problems in many users. For this reason, the most common type of exogenous ketone supplement is BHB bound to some kind of salt. These supplements are basically as effective as ketone esters and actually taste good enough for you to take them.

MCT oil is a source of ketones.

Additionally, medium chain triglycerides (MCT) can also function as an exogenous ketone supplement. That’s because MCTs get turned into ketones quickly by the liver. MCT oil is 130 calories per tablespoon, so you’ve got to watch out, but if you want to up your daily fat consumption to stay in ketosis or just need a quick burst of energy, then MCTs are a good way to go.

You have to be careful with MCT oil, though,  because it’s known to have laxative effects on some but not all people. That risk is compounded if MCT oil is consumed with coffee, which can also act as a laxative. So if you add your MCT oil to coffee, which many do, you might find yourself doubly doubled over. These laxative effects may eventually go away, but if you want to avoid the risk altogether just consume MCT oil with food.

Exogenous ketones help you get into ketosis.

If you take exogenous ketones you can get into ketosis easier, compensate for any carbohydrate slip ups, and give yourself direct access to the benefits of ketosis. The fact that your body has begun to use its own fat as a source of energy isn’t something you can feel, but when you take exogenous ketones you are likely to immediately experience a change. That means mental clarity, elevated mood, and increased energy!

Exogenous ketones are also a great alternative to caffeine because there are no withdrawal symptoms. You can take them as a quick pick me up or as your pre-workout without experiencing a come down afterward. You also don’t have to worry about your heart going into overdrive because you’re doing cardio with 150 or even 300 mg of caffeine in you, which is the amount contained by many pre-workouts. Additionally, exogenous ketones don’t have all the added chemicals or sugars found in pre-workouts or energy drinks, making them a much healthier alternative.

You can use exogenous ketones to avoid the “keto flu”.

“Keto flu” is the name given to the constellation of symptoms some people experience after dropping their carbohydrate consumption down to 5% of their daily caloric intake. Keto flu may include low energy, anxiety, irritability, headaches, and brain fog.  Keto flu usually lasts one to three days, but for some people that's enough to simply give up on the ketosis altogether. Luckily you can skip all that by just taking exogenous ketones while you wean yourself off carbs! That way your body will live off exogenous ketones until it starts using its own fat as the source of ketone bodies.

Exogenous ketones are great for endurance based exercises.

Preparing for high endurance based exercises can turn into a real hassle. Being hungry while doing over 45 minutes of cardio can be uncomfortable, but it also doesn’t feel great to use the elliptical or do a spin class too soon after you eat. That’s when exogenous ketones can be real useful! Just take a serving before your workout and you’ll manage to go the whole time with plenty of energy to spare.

Use exogenous ketones to empower your mind!

There are so many books promising to help you unlock the full power of your mind, and so many movies that beg the question, “What if you used 100% of your brain?” You don’t really need to wonder what that would be like. Just take some exogenous ketones and you’ll see! Carbs can lead to crashes when your body runs low on glucose, leading to a foul mood, brain fog, and an inability to focus. But if you need to hunker down and do some work, just take some exogenous ketones and you’ll feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless, Scarlett Johansson in Lucy, or John Travolta in Phenomenon. You may change the world! And if you don’t, it’ll at least be easier to get your work done.